Former Students

MSc Julia Asenbaum

Master Student
(2016) Pollination strategies of European Euphorbia

Julia Asenbaum

Mag. Tamara Bernscherer

Diploma Student
(2013) The role of volatiles in the Piper/Pheidole association for ant recruitment

Tamara Bernscherer

MSc Walter Rafael Bielowski

Master Student
(2016) A new approach on hetero- and homostylous Primula flowers using micro computed tomography-based 3D-modelling

Mag. Dr. David Bröderbauer

former Scientific Project Collaborator
(2012) Evolution of trap pollination in the Araceae

David Bröderbauer

PhD MSc Agnes Dellinger

PhD Student
(2019) Pollinator Shifts and Floral Evolution in Merianieae (Melastomataceae)

Master Student
(2013) Floral Structure and Pollination Biology of Axinaea (Melastomataceae)

Agnes Dellinger

MSc Lukas Dirr

Master Student
(2017) Pollen morphology and ultrastructure of selected Zingiberaceae and Costaceae species

Mag. pharm. Julia Dormeier

Diploma student
(2020) Floral development and function of the lever mechanism in the flowers of Brillantaisia (Acanthaceae)

MSc Sabine Dürr

Master student
(2020) Spiderwebs as Natural Pollen Traps: Analysis of Spiderweb and Dust/Soil Surface Samples from Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Mag. Michael Ehweiner-Haberleitner

Diploma Student
(2013) Sporenmorphologie ausgewählter "Gasteromycetes"

Michael Ehweiner-Haberleitner

MSc Norbert Elek

Master student
(2020) Bestäubungsbiologie ausgewählter Anthurium und Spathiphyllum Arten (Araceae) im südwestlichen Costa Rica

Mag. Florian Etl

Diploma Student
(2013) Reproduktionsökologie tropischer Aronstabgewächse (Araceae) am Beispiel von Dieffenbachia aurantiaca (Costa Rica) und Alocasia sarawakensis (Borneo)

Florian Etl

Mag. Sandra Caroline Fleck

Diploma Student
(2015) Signalstoffanalyse bei Piper sp. und der assoziierten Ameise Pheidole bicornis

Sandra Fleck

Mag. Stefanie Forster

Diploma Student
(2015) Pollination ecology of four selected species of Araceae in the Golfo Dulce region, Costa Rica

Stefanie Forster

MSc Anna Franschitz

Master Student
(2015) Chemical composition of volatiles from myrmecophytic and non-myrmecophytic Piper species with regard to ant behavior

Anna Franschitz

Mag. Katrin Friedl

Diploma Student
(2015) Das Patroullierverhalten auf jungen Blättern in der Piper-Pheidole Assoziation

Katrin Friedl

MSc Kerstin Friesenbichler

Master Student
(2013) Diversity of hummingbirds and their floral resources in oil palm plantations and rainforest habitats in the lowlands of southern Costa Rica

Kerstin Friesenbichler

Mag. Christine Grasl

Diploma Student
(2012) Palynologische Untersuchung an Kraftfahrzeugen aus forensischer Sicht

Christine Grasl

MSc Aliyeh Hedayati

Master Student
(2020) Phenotypic and biogeographic insights into the evolution of Lathyrus and Pisum in Southwest Asia

Mag. Cornelia Holzer

Diploma student
(2017) Diversity in fungal patches of Cecropia-Azteca associations

Mag. Klaus Kaltenbrunner

Diploma Student
(2015) Analyse der Futterkörperchen (Müller'sche Körperchen) in der Cecropia-Azteca Assoziation

Klaus Kaltenbrunner

MSc Laura Kanduth

(2019) Urban pollination: Plant-pollinator interactions of two Trifolium species in relation to green area size

MSc Karen Kölzer BSc

(2019) Comparative analysis of pollen in honey: Foraging preferences of Austrian honeybee subspecies Apis mellifera carnica and Apis mellifera mellifera

MSc Constantin Kopper, BSc

(2021) Testing pollination syndromes in Melastomataceae

Mag. Thomas Kreisberger

Diploma Student
(2014) The various contrivances by which pollen/ovule ratios are influenced in orchids

Thomas Kreisberger

MSc Katharina Krizan

Master student
(2019) Nature's pharmacy - how Azteca sp. ants keep their colony clean, using the host plant Cecropia sp.

Mag. Julia Kronister

Diploma Student
(2013) Die Infloreszenzentwicklung der Saniculoideae, Apiaceae

Julia Kronister

Mag. Carina Lenotti

Diploma Student
(2011) Diversity and Abundance of primary Hemiepiphytes in different Regions of Costa Rica

Carina Lenotti

Mag. Dr. Stefan Löfstrand

University Assistant (Prae Doc)
PhD Student
(2015) Floral evolution in the sarracenioid clade (Actinidiaceae, Roridulaceae and Sarraceniaceae) of Ericales

Stefan Löfstrand

Mag. Lisa Maurer

Diploma Student
(2013) Development of unisexual flowers and dioecy in Schlegelia (Schlegeliaceae, Lamiales)

Lisa Maurer

Mag. Maximilian Nepel

Diploma Student
(2013) Specificity of the fungi used in carton runway galleries in the Azteca brevis/Tetrathylacium macrophyllum association

Maximilian Nepel

Mag. Dr. Philipp Nguyen

former Scientific Project collaborator
PhD Student
(2015) Indoor pollen, its transfer to shoes and an outlook on its usefulness for forensic investigations

Philipp Nguyen

Mag. Marina Nigrowics

Diploma Student
(2016) Structure and function of explosive fruits and seed dispersal in Acanthaceae

Marina Nigrowics

MSc Felix Benjamin Oberhauser

Master Student
(2015) Fungal patches and diazotrophic prokaryotes in the Cecropia/Azteca ant-plant symbiosis

Felix Oberhauser

Mag. Sabine Prader

Diploma Student
(2013) Pollenmorphologie und Ultrastruktur ausgewählter Taxa der Saxifragaceae

Sabine Prader

Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Rameder

Diploma Student
(2018) Pollinator shifts and their relation to stamen morphology and seed number in the Merianieae (Melastomataceae)

© M. Rameder

MSc Dr. Pakchanok Sarawichit

PhD Student
(2012) Pollen and orbicular walls of selected species of Justicieae (Acanthaceae) and their systematic significance

Pakchanok Sarawichit

MSc Josephine Schmiedel

Master Student
(2016) The importance of surface structures for the successful colonisation of the ant-plant Cecropia (Urticaceae) with their symbiotic Azteca ants (Formicidae, Dolichoderinae)

Mag. Bernhard Sodl

Diploma Student
(2013) Palynologische Untersuchungen an ausgewählten Textilien aus forensischer Sicht

Bernhard Sodl

Mag. Lena Stehlik

Diploma Student
(2017) Anther threads in the balsaminoid families (Ericales)

Mag. Isabelle Steiner, BA

Diploma Student
(2016) Bestäubungsbiologie von Anthurium und Spathiphyllum (Araceae) im Südwesten Costa Ricas

Isabelle Steiner

Mag. Michael Stöberl

Diploma Student
(2019) Diaspore dispersal in Calla palustris L. and Arum cylindraceum Gasp. in Austria

Mag. Margit Stubits

Diploma Student
(2019) Pollination biology of four sympatric Spathiphyllum species (Araceae) in Costa Rica

Mag. Dr. Silvia Ulrich

former Scientific Project Collaborator
PhD Student
(2016) Pollen morphology and ultrastructure of selected Araceae species. New examples for the significance of pollen characters in systematics and for the spathe as an osmophore

Silvia Ulrich

Lisa Wiesmann

(2017) Die funktionelle Diversität von Pflanzengemeinschaften aus der Sicht blütenbesuchender Insekten

MSc Maryam Yousefian

Master student
(2020) Phenotypic and Biogeographic insights into the evolution of Vicia and Lens in Southwest Asia.