Our research and teaching are deeply rooted in organismal biology, i.e. the study of structure, function, and evolution at the level of the organism. We focus on questions of plant diversity – How have key structural features such as the angiosperm flower evolved? How is morphological diversity distributed among taxa? How are different structural features correlated with one another? Why are certain morphologies common and have evolved repeatedly while others are rare? We address these and related questions across a broad range of taxa and apply state-of-the art techniques as well as novel theoretical approaches to answer them.


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Genomic analysis of ant domatia-associated melanized fungi (Chaetothyriales, Ascomycota)
Moreno L. F., Mayer V., Voglmayr H., Blatrix R., Stielow J. B., Teixeira M. M., Vicente V. A., de Hoog S.
Mycological Progress 18(4): 541-552 (2019)

Emergence of a floral colour polymorphism by pollinator-mediated overdominance
Roman T. Kellenberger, Kelsey J. R. P. Byers, Rita M. De Brito Francisco, Yannick M. Staedler, Amy M. LaFountain, Jürg Schönenberger, Florian P. Schiestl & Philipp M. Schlüter 
Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 63 (2019)
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on methods and applications of GM in organismal evolution and ecology (Flyer)
Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 March 2019
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Recent Publications 2018-2019

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Vasconcelos, T. N. C., Chartier, M., Prenner, G., Martins, A. C., Schönenberger, J., Wingler, A., & Lucas, E. (2019). Floral uniformity through evolutionary time in a species-rich tree lineage. New Phytologist, 221(3), 1597-1608. doi.org/10.1111/nph.15453

Jiménez, P. D., Hentrich, H., Aguilar-Rodríguez , P. A., Krömer, T., Chartier, M., MacSwiney G. , M. C., & Gibernau, M. (2019). A Review on the Pollination of Aroids with Bisexual Flowers. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 104(1). doi.org/10.3417/2018219

Kellenberger, R. T., Byers, K. J. R. P., De Brito Francisco, R. M., Staedler, Y. M., LaFountain, A. M., Schönenberger, J., ... Schlüter, P. M. (2019). Emergence of a floral colour polymorphism by pollinator-mediated overdominance. Nature Communications, 10, [63]. doi.org/10.1038/s41467-018-07936-x

Moreno, L. F., Mayer, V., Voglmayr, H., Blatrix, R., Stielow, J. B., Teixeira, M. M., ... de Hoog, S. (2019). Genomic analysis of ant domatia-associated melanized fungi (Chaetothyriales, Ascomycota). Mycological Progress, 18(4), 541-552. doi.org/10.1007/s11557-018-01467-x

Damerval, C., Citerne, H., Conde e Silva, N., Deveaux, Y., Delannoy, E., Joets, J., ... Nadot, S. (2019). Unraveling the Developmental and Genetic Mechanisms Underpinning Floral Architecture in Proteaceae. Frontiers in Plant Science, 10, [18]. doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2019.00018


Roguz, K., Bajguz, A., Golebiewska, A., Chmur, M., Hill, L., Kalinowski, P., ... Zych, M. (2018). Functional Diversity of Nectary Structure and Nectar Composition in the Genus Fritillaria (Liliaceae). Frontiers in Plant Science, 9, [1246]. doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2018.01246

Showing entries 0 - 22 out of 22