Our research and teaching are deeply rooted in organismal biology, i.e. the study of structure, function, and evolution at the level of the organism. We focus on questions of plant diversity – How have key structural features such as the angiosperm flower evolved? How is morphological diversity distributed among taxa? How are different structural features correlated with one another? Why are certain morphologies common and have evolved repeatedly while others are rare? We address these and related questions across a broad range of taxa and apply state-of-the art techniques as well as novel theoretical approaches to answer them.


Recent Publications 2020-2022

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Frey, B., Moser, B., Tytgat, B., Zimmermann, S., Alberti, J., Biederman, L. A., Borer, E. T., Broadbent, A. A. D., Caldeira, M. C., Davies, K. F., Eisenhauer, N., Eskelinen, A., Fay, P. A., Hagedorn, F., Hautier, Y., MacDougall, A. S., McCulley, R. L., Moore, J. L., Nepel, M., ... Risch, A. C. (2023). Long-term N-addition alters the community structure of functionally important N-cycling soil microorganisms across global grasslands. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 176. doi.org/10.1016/j.soilbio.2022.108887


Quan, Y., da Silva, N. M., de Souza Lima, B. J. F., de Hoog, S., Vicente, V. A., Mayer, V., Kang, Y., & Shi, D. (2022). Black fungi and ants: a genomic comparison of species inhabiting carton nests versus domatia. IMA Fungus, 13(1), 4. [4]. doi.org/10.1186/s43008-022-00091-5

Dellinger, A. S., Kopper, C., Kagerl, K., & Schönenberger, J. (2022). Pollination in Melastomataceae: A Family-Wide Update on the Little We Know and the Much That Remains to Be Discovered. In R. Goldenberg, F. A. Michelangeli, & F. Almeda (Eds.), Systematics, Evolution, and Ecology of Melastomataceae (pp. 585-607). Springer International Publishing Switzerland. doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-99742-7_26

Helmstetter, A. J., Zenil-Ferguson, R., Sauquet, H., Otto, S. P., Méndez, M., Vallejo-Marin, M., Schönenberger, J., Burgarella, C., Anderson, B., de Boer, H., Glémin, S., & Käfer, J. (2022). Trait-dependent diversification in angiosperms: patterns, models and data. bioRxiv. doi.org/10.1101/2022.05.18.490882


Dellinger, A. S., Pérez-Barrales, R., Michelangeli, F. A., Penneys, D. S., Fernández-Fernández, D. M., & Schönenberger, J. (2021). Low bee visitation rates explain pollinator shifts to vertebrates in tropical mountains. New Phytologist, 231(2), 864-877. doi.org/10.1111/nph.17390

Showing entries 1 - 30 out of 56