DDr. Heidemarie Halbritter

Associate Researcher
ground floor, room 11
t: +43 (0)1 4277-540 07
m: heidemarie.halbritter@univie.ac.at

© H. Halbritter

Research interests

  • Palynology
  • SEM Preparation and Technique
  • palynological Database PalDat

 Curriculum Vitae

Current position

  • 2020– Associate Researcher

Education and scientific career

  • 1988–2020 Technical Assistant (half-time)
  • 1982–1988 Study of biology at the University of Vienna, Austria, Dissertation on pollen of Bromeliaceae


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Leme, E. M. C., Forzza, R. C., Halbritter, H., & Ribeiro, O. B. C. (2019). Contribution to the study of the genus Fosterella (Bromeliaceae: Pitcairnioideae) in Brazil. Phytotaxa, 395(3), 137-167. doi.org/10.11646/phytotaxa.395.3.1


Halbritter, H., Ulrich, S., Grímsson, F., Weber, M., Zetter, R., Hesse, M., Buchner, R., Svojtka, M., & Frosch-Radivo, A. (2018). Aperture. In Illustrated Pollen Terminology (2 ed.) doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-71365-6_9

Barfuss, M. H. J., Till, W., Leme, E. M. C., Pinzón, J. P., Manzanares, J. M., Halbritter, H., Lexer, C., & Brown, G. K. (2018). Taxonomic revision of Bromeliaceae subfam. Tilandsioideae based on a multi-locus DNA sequence phylogeny and morphology - a review. Paper presented at Monocots VI - 6th International Conference on Comparative Biology of Monocotyledons, Natal, Brazil.


Santos-Silva, F., Venda, A. K. L., Halbritter, H., Leme, E. M. C., Mantovani, A., & Forzza, R. C. (2017). Nested in chaos: Insights on the relations of the 'Nidularioid Complex' and the evolutionary history of Neoregelia (Bromelioideae-Bromeliaceae). Brittonia, 69(2), 133-147. doi.org/10.1007/s12228-017-9460-x

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 45