Anke Bellaire

Technical assistant (halftime)
Associate Researcher
Ground floor, room 1
t: +43 (0)1 4277-540 00

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Current Courses

 Curriculum Vitae

Current position

  • 2021– Technical assistant (halftime)
  • 2014– Associate Researcher

Education and scientific career

  • 2010–2013 Technical assistant at the Department (halftime)
  • 2003–2008 Botanical Garden Potsdam, guides tours and green classroom
  • 2006–2008 Exploratorium Potsdam, interactive natural science museum
  • 2000–2002 School Teaching and 2nd States Examination
  • 1993–2000 Study of Biology at Humboldt University of Berlin. Scientific States Examination on Ionic concentrations within Phragmites australis (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Ehwald)
  • 1992–1993 Landscape gardener at the department for nature conservation and green space, Berlin
  • 1989–1992 Apprenticeship for landscape gardening, Berlin


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Pazhamala, L. T., Chaturvedi, P., Bajaj, P., Srikanth, S., Ghatak, A., Chitikineni, A., Bellaire, A., Hingane, A., Kumar, C. V. S., Saxena, K. B., Weckwerth, W., Saxena, R. K., & Varshney, R. K. (2020). Multiomics approach unravels fertility transition in a pigeonpea line for a two‐line hybrid system. The Plant Genome, 13(2), [e20028].


Liu, S-H., Debiasi, M., Anea, C. B., Karrer, G., Chaturvedi, P., Bellaire, A., Weckwerth, W., & Epstein, M. M. (2016). The environment alters the immune response to ragweed pollen. Allergy: European journal of allergy and immunology, 71, 111-111.



Bellaire, A., Ischebeck, T., Weingartner, I., Städler, Y., Schönenberger, J., & Weckwerth, W. (2012). The developmental trajectory of Arabidopsis flowers. In International Conference on Arabidopsis Research. Wien, 3. bis 7. Juli 2012. Abstract book Unknown publisher.

Showing entries 1 - 9 out of 9