Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Marion Chartier

Project leader FWF-Project
4. floor, room 418
t: +43 (0)1 4277-540 87
m: chartier.marion@gmail.com

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FWF-Project P31101-B29 "Floral development & 3D-pollination syndromes in Aquilegia"

Curriculum Vitae

Current position

Ausbildung und wissenschaftliche Laufbahn

  • 2013 - 2016 Scientific project collaborator in the FWF-project "Diversity and evolution of the floral morphospace".
  • 2012 Engineer in the French Agricultural Center for International Development (Cirad), Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island, France
  • 2008 - 2011 PhD with Dr. Marc Gibernau, Laboratory of Evolution and Biological Diversity (EDB), Toulouse, France, and Joint Research Unit Ecology of Guiana Forests (Ecofog), Kourou, French Guiana
  • 2008 Msc Degree in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
  • 2008 Msc Degree in Engineering, Institut National d'Horticulture et de Paysage (graduate college of horticulture and landscaping), Agrocampus Ouest, Centre d'Angers, France


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Chartier, M., Gerber, S., Löfstrand, S., von Balthazar-Schönenberger, A. M. L., Jabbour, F., Sauquet, H., ... Schönenberger, J. (2015). How (much) do flowers vary? – The floral morphospace of Ericales. In Botany 2015. Science and Plants for People. Abstracts [124]

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Showing entries 0 - 20 out of 20