Dipl.-Biol. Dr. Veronika E. Mayer

Assistant Professor (half-time)
4. floor, room 411
t: +43 (0)1 4277-540 81
m: veronika.mayer@univie.ac.at

© Veronika Mayer

Research interests

At the core of my research lies the complex and dynamic connectivity of plants linking them to their environment. I am particularly fascinated by mutualisms between plants and insects and their structural adaptation and reciprocal interaction. Currently, I am working on plants living with mutualistic ants (myrmecophytes) and investigating (a) the intriguing role of fungi as third partner in ant-plant associations, and (b) the sophisticated forms of communication between host plants and their inhabiting ants. The model systems I am focusing on are the Cecropia spp.-Azteca spp. ant-plant mutualism and Piper spp.-Pheidole bicornis system.

Besides ants and plants, the functional aspects of accessory fruit structures are still fascinating to me. Specifically, I address the structural background and radiation processes in several Dipsacaceae groups.



Current Courses


  • Rumsais Blatrix, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, CNRS, Montpellier, France
  • Stefan Dötterl, Organismic Biology, Department of Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants, University of Salzburg, Austria
  • Lena Fragner, Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Sybren de Hoog, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institut, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Christina Kaiser, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, Division Terrestrial Ecosystem Research, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Adrián Pinto Tomas, Centro de Investigación en Estructuras Microscópicas (CIEMIC), Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  • Andreas Richter, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, Division Terrestrial Ecosystem Research, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Hermann Voglmayr, Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Dagmar Woebken, Research network CMM, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, Division Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria

 Curriculum Vitae

Current position

  • 1997– Assistant professor (half-time)

Education and scientific career

  • 1999–2005 Associate Editor of the journal TAXON and Regnum Vegetabile (IAPT)
  • 1993–1996 Research assistant in projects on systematics and morphology of Dipsacaceae, and the function of their fruit structures at the University of Vienna (Austria)
  • 1988–1993 Dissertation at the University of Vienna (Austria)
  • 1989–1991 Fellow of the "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes"
  • 1981–1987 Study of Biology at the LMU Munich and FU Berlin, Diploma from the FU Berlin (Germany)
  • 1986/87 DAAD Fellow at the UC Berkeley (USA)


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Mayer, V., Blatrix, R., & Voglmayr, H. (2017). Evolutionary and functional ecology of ant-plant-fungus symbioses. In 16th International Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships: Abstractbook (pp. 105). [Poster 21]


Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 80