Mag. Susanne Pamperl

Technical Assistant (part-time)
4. floor, room 416
t: +43 (0)1 4277-540 86

© S. Pamperl

Task area

  • Computer tomographic analyses of plant parts and other objects
  • 3D rendering of CT scan data, generation of 3D models and scientific and data acquisition with the software Amira
  • Technical support of the Computer tomograph and the rendering workstations, including data management
  • Teaching in computer tomography, data processing and analyses of 3D data
  • Various graphical tasks
  • Book keeping in the project „Biological corridor in the Rainforest of the Austrians, Costa Rica
  • Radiation safety officer
  • First aid officer

 Curriculum Vitae


Current position

  • 2001– Technical Assistant (part time)

Education and scientific career

  • 2014 Radiation safety training (Seibersdorf)
  • 2012–2014 Training in computer tomography and 3D-Rendering (Amira, Mimics)
  • 2015/07–2015/12 Technical Project Collaborator in the FWF-Project "Diversity and evolution of the floral morphospace" (part-time)
  • 2013/04–2015/03 Technical Project Collaborator in the FWF-Project "Diversity and evolution of the floral morphospace" (half-time)
  • 2001 Diploma theses "Der Boden als Standortsfaktor eines baumartenreichen Tieflandregenwaldes in Costa Rica"
  • –2001 Studies in Biology at the University of Vienna with focus on Botany and Soil sciences


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Showing entries 1 - 12 out of 12